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Dreaming Beyond AI
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In the Pluriverse you can explore various contributions around AI. You can switch between the explorative mode and the functional mode.

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Dreaming Beyond AI is a space for critical and constructive knowledge, visionary fiction & speculative art and community-organising.

This website project uses AI as a gateway to broader societal questions around marginalisation, imagination, futurism, feminism and how we experience the present. The goal of the project is to de-center technology and use it as a tool rather than main instrument for connection and a coming together. It is an experiment to a curated space where people enter with a shared sense of values and agreements.

Can we really connect without our bodies?
Do you think in the future machines will have feelings?
How do AI systems impact the earth?
Does your face get recognized by facial scanning algorithms?
What do you see in front of your inner eye when you think of AI?
How rich have you made Jeff Bezos?
How does it feel to be seen by a machine? How does it feel to not be seen by a machine?
Did you feel empathy when the Boston Dynamics robot dog got kicked?
What does local mean on the internet?
What is your most valuable data point?
Who has the power on the internet?
What are the technologies of healing?
How does your body feel right now?
Can you envision trauma-informed technologies?
What does a machine see?
What does AI define as ‘normal’? Are you ‘normal’ as defined by AI?
Where can you be more you – offline or online?
Could you ever love a machine?
What technological impact do you need to heal from?
What patterns might AI identify in your life?
What could technological healing be?
What is your favourite spam mail?
Reform or revolution?
How many times per day do you pick up your phone?
What are you most addicted to?
What does progress mean?
What does the ‘intelligence’ in ‘artificial intelligence’ mean?
If someone other than you owned your data, who should it be?
If you close your eyes and think of the future, what do you see?
What politics of visibility does machine vision create?
Can AI ever be relational?
How does your body feel when you're online?
Where do you feel more powerful – online or offline?
What are examples of technological refusal when it comes to AI technologies?
Are there other forms of intelligence that AI should reflect?
with Tabita Rezaire (Audio – English only)

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Dreaming Beyond AI
Dreaming Beyond AI
Dreaming Beyond AI
Dreaming Beyond AI